Christmas collection


Christmas CollectionManufactured from non stick flexible silicone rubber. These moulds do not require the use of any release agent before use. Suitable for use with any of the following materials. Sugarpatse/flowerpaste/modelling paste/marzipan/cold porcelain salt dough/sugar dough/chocolate/fimo. Paste should be rolled into a crease free ball using the palms of the hands, pressing paste firmly into the mould use a plastic marzipan knife to remove any excess paste and avoid irreparable damage to the mould.For deep undercuts place in freezer for 15 to 20 minutes Squeeze the sides of the mould gently and flex to assist removal. The moulds are easy to use and produce a high quality finish. The overall size of the finished item range from 40mmx20mm to 20mmx6mm

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